We help you pass your
Public Service Commission of Canada tests!

We offer practice exercises to help you successfully pass the Canadian government examinations and PSC Canada tests.
Undertaking the PSC Canada Tests (government of Canada) can be daunting.
Each year many candidates are unsuccessful at the Canadian government Standardized Tests due to lack of awareness of the types of questions to expect and time management skills required to complete the tests in the given time period.
Our practice exercises constitute a learning activity and they serve as an intensive practice session that aims at preparing candidates for their competency tests.
This is a unique opportunity to build-up your self-confidence, consolidate your knowledge and be well prepared before taking the real PSC Canada Tests.
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Writing Skills Test
6 Practice Exercises

Spelling, Grammar,
Punctuation and Capitalization,
Sentence sequencing.

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Second Language Evaluation

Written Expression
6 practice exercises
Reading Comprehension
6 practice exercises
Oral Proficiency
5 simulation exercises

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“Aptitudes à Écrire” Test
6 Practice Exercises

Orthographe,Grammaire, Vocabulaire,
Ponctuation et emploi des majuscules,
Séquence logique des phrases.

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Situational Judgement Test
3 Practice Exercises

Assesses judgement
in work related situations
including managing conflicts,
serving clients, and
dealing with ethical issues.

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Second Language Evaluation

Written Expression
6 practice exercises
Reading Comprehension
6 practice exercises

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“Jugement Situationnel” Test
3 Practice Exercises

Évalue le jugement par rapport
à des situations survenant dans
le milieu du travail, incluant des situations de gestion des conflits, du service à la clientèle et le traitement de questions d’éthiques.

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